16-04-29       Day 33  East Wind

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

I tried to sleep outside but the neighbors dogs were barking so I moved back into the Man Cave to sleep. John was up early which ment I was up early. Garrett was fast asleep. Wes brought out a full pot of coffee… Such wonderful hosts…  Really… John left at 6:30. I messed around and left at 7:30. Garrett said he would be along as I left…

The forecast was for storms all day and at 9:30 the rain started to fall. Actually riding in the rain wasn’t so bad. As long as I didn’t stop. But I had to stop… And rest… And eat..

After riding 18 miles, I pulled into the convenience store in Bendavis. AJ, 11, Abe, 9, and James, 6, were working at the tables with pencils in hand, studying weather. Great day to do that…..   Their dad was looking for tractors on the computer behind the counter.

James showed me where the bathroom was and AJ got me some fresh water because the water from the sink “Made the Coffee Taste Funny”.  Such a great way to raise a family….

The thunder boomed and the rain fell as I pedaled towards the next town of Hartville. I stopped and ate an apple by a one lane bridge that would shake as the cars sped past… It was crumbling and had angle iron brackets on each side patching it together hoping to get a few more years of service before it needed to be replaced…

Hartville was a blur and I was on my way to Marshfield. The wind was from the east and the rain stopped. The terrain smoothed out .. Nice so Nice….. John called and said the campground wasn’t that nice and got a room. I called Garrett to see where he was and ask if he wanted to split a double.. He wanted to see if we could find a place other than a motel so I called a few churches. Usually no problem but in Marshfield, no go… Wow.. I was shocked…

I got a double at the Plaze Motel and went out to dinner with John as Garrett was a few hours behind.

Once again Garrett’s friends who he met a few towns back bought him a room at the Holiday Inn and off he went… ..

The rain fell and I was glad to be inside….

Houston, Mo to Marshfield, Mo
62 miles