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Hiking The Continental Divide Trail  – Mark Trail CDT 2015
Start Date 4/12/15    –    Completion Date 9/26/15


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IMG_0276The Full Moon shown over me all night long. It was my last night on the CDT. When I woke up during the night, I thought of all the people that made my journey so very special.  I reviewed my hike day by day, reminiscing all my fellow hikers and Trail Angels that I met along my path, thanking each one individually in my mind. From the Greyhound Bus driver Juan, who bought my dinner on the way to Lordsburg, NM to the hunter Mark, who gave me a liter of his water yesterday so I could have coffee this morning. What can I say about Bront and Shelly from Boulder, my resupply Champion. Ginny my Jacksonville life Manager….Oh Boy, what a job…… And everyone I have missed writing here….Thank You… I am so grateful that I burst out in joyful tears. I cannot contain my emotions once again. I felt like a spring, releasing it’s precious resource……

What a day.

I couldn’t believe the 9 Oz primus fuel canister and the lithium batteries in my spot lasted all the way from Rawlins, WY. on September fourth.

I wanted to lie in my sleeping bag and enjoy the morning coffee but I couldn’t. I needed to pack up and start hiking… The routine. This transition back into the “World” will be different….20150926_102102 (1)On the last 11,000 ft peak I called Soudough in Akaska. It was early and  he answered knowing it was me. He congratulated me and we talked about what a time we had hiking New Mexico together.  Somehow I need to spend time in Alaska, just add it to the bucket….

IMG_0280When I arrived at Highway 114, I hiked to the spot I hitched into Gunnison in June. Wow…A strange finish but then again this is the CDT…..

ContactPhoto-IMG_20150926_134611Two hours of hitching agressively, no one would stop….   I prayed for the right person to come help me. Amy stopped going in the other direction. “Where are you going?” she asked….. “Gunnisonn” . ” I’m in no hurry, I’ll give you a ride”…. How does this happen?

We talked about her Yert and ways of gardening in Taos, NM. I learned a lot… Adobe construction and solar power. …  We shared lunch together and she dropped me off at McDonald’s. Thanks Amy, My newest Trail Angel.

I sent out the announcement of my completion of my hike and the well wishes flowed back…. I felt truly blessed and glad to be done. I had contacted a bike trail angel Marti earlier about staying at her home but my bus left at 6:20 am and she lived out of town so I stayed at the Quality Inn. The whole town was booked up but Jessica found a way to get me a room….. With a Jacuzzi… 20150926_202140 (1)Now that’s the way to Celebrate. Amber Bock and Bubbles….It wasn’t long I was roasted, toasted, and burnted. I went to bed a happy Man….. Thanks CDT for an awesome backdrop for my personal development and growth…. Cheers!!!!!


Mark Trail -The Triple Crown!!

The Triple Crown!!!

Gunnison, Co.   10 Miles

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