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Hiking The Continental  Divide Trail
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It was a brisk start with pine needles underfoot and woodpeckers pecks echoing through the woods. By 6:45 am I could take my Spot Headlamp off. I was thinking of what I would miss after tomorrow. Maybe the warmth of the morning sun or drinking the cold crystal clear water, maybe the thrill of 30 mile days……..

When I hiked into Marshal Pass, Jon was pressing a fresh pot of Pete’s Coffee. “Is it time for coffee?” I mooched…..  oh,  I mean asked…” You are just in time” !!!!  It is my last full day on the trail and it could not be better. Jon likes history and told me about the train race in the late 1800’s, Each train company competing to complete rail lines through the mountains. I could only imagine what life was like back then. I had 30 miles to hike so I told Jon he blessed me and headed south.

The trail deteriorated from Marshal pass south. In an effort to accommodate all users, the tread was loose rock and gravel. I fell two times….Ouch…. On top of that, it was a dry section for 24 miles….. I carried three liters but by the time four o’clock rolled around I realized I miscalculated. ….I will have to forgo dinner and have a cold lunch….IMG_0254I came around a corner and Mark was going through his hunting things when he said “Hello” . Mark is from Gunnison and loves being in the outdoors, experiencing our wonderful world…  He asked if I needed water…  Ding…. Blessed again…..Could this really happen every day and we are just to busy to notice?????  IMG_0265“Yes Please” and my water problem was solved. As I hiked I was pondering the completion and how blessed I am every day to be able to physically hike and all the support I have had along the way…….

The moon was close to full and suplemented my Spot headlamp. At the thirty mile mark I stopped and made Turkey Tetrazzini , my favorite Mountain House for dinner. Since it was my last night I ate all the Oreos that tasted like baby wipes since they were in my food box for four months.

Upper Razor Creek, 30 miles

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