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Hiking The Continental  Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

20150924_072727 (1)IMG_0193When I went to fill the pot for coffer the Sawyer filter was frozen solid. I guess it really was cold last night at 11,800 ft. No wonder I had to get up during the night and eat to produce some heat. The sloshing of ice in my water bottles entertained me as I hiked.

I hiked up to an abandoned alpine train tunnel then dropped down to the RR bed. It ran all the way to Hancock and I never saw Hancock……IMG_0211

What’s goes down, must go up so I began to climb again from 11,000 to 12,200 ft. at Caulk Creek Pass. The trail ran the divide to Monarch Pass.. I hiked through the ski resort and it made me think of Wintergreen where I have taught skiing the past two seasons.  It was another amazing day…. The weather and trail was great….

I arrived at Monarch Pass it was 6:00 pm and I had at least six miles to go. Either hike late and complete the hike on Saturday ….OR….  stop early…Humm…. and finish Sunday. I chose to hike. Tough decisions….

The sun set and I night hiked till 9:30 pm the moon was out and it was dreamy. Forty miles to go…..

On the Divide.          Past to CT and CDT split.        30 Miles

Saw  First  Mt Goats with Fred. YEA

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