15-09-23 Day 164  Breaking 100 miles – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

I loved my campsite. The stars were twinkling brightly.. It was supposed to rain, it didn’t and I wasn’t going to complain. Regular routine and I was hiking at 5:45am.

I hiked to Texas Creek where you could hike your choice of two routes. Old/New. Same milage so I picked old…I should have picked new. I think it would have been more scenic and less ATV trails.

Along Texas creek, Glenn, Sandy and Matt were base camped for hunting. “Any coffee left?” I asked. Another beginning to a great day. Sandy served me leftover ham, pancakes, bacon, and coffee…I was truly blessed…. Cheers……

I forded Texas Creek with some rocks and logs. My feet got a little wet but not like yesterday’s ford coming out of Twin Lakes..IMG_0186Then the Rollercoaster began, up and down, around Mirror Lake. Then the trail climbed to Tin Cup Pass, 12,154 ft. I was happy to be on the other side as the sun set…..20150923_15550520150923_182204 (1)IMG_0187North Fork Chalk Creek,  30 Miles

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