15-09-22 Day 163 Finish Fever – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

At 5:00 am I started boiling the dozen eggs Carl gave us to eat for free….they were a day out of date, perfect for hikers. Scallywag and The Darkness started stirring so I put the coffee water on. It was a delicious breakfast. Bagels, Egg, and cheese….Yumm.. We packed up the rest of the eggs and started hiking at 7:00 am.

We had to cross the swamp at the end of Twin Lakes. There was a bridge a mile and a half down the road but who wants to hike three miles when you can walk barefoot in mud and freeze your feet right where you are.

IMG_0143We forded  multiple creeks and finally connected with the CDT/CT. We climbed Little Willis Gulch from 9,200 ft to 12,548 ft .

To Hope Pass. Scallywag hiked to the pass as I was hiding Oreo Cookies on the cairn for him and Dark Girl. We hugged knowing I needed to hike on.  I was sad I had to hike alone again but I have the fever…..IMG_0157The Aspen trees were in peek color. Bright Yellow. When I stopped for lunch, a gust of wind blew so many leaves down on me, I thought l had just won the Super Bowl.  It was an incredible moment, so glorious, so wonderful. The moment was imprinted on my soul…..20150922_113642

20150922_134550The trail dropped down to old historic silver mining towns, Rockdale, Winfield, and Hamilton. While I was doing the tourist thing, Maria (Talks a Lot)  and Lisa drove up and unloaded their beef Jerky and snacks on me, Bummer…  Great Trail Magic…Thanks…  I then climbed from 9,847 to 12,400 ft to Lake Ann Pass. IMG_017320150922_174000It was overcast and there was rain in the forecast so I did the boogie. I am really homesick…  I miss my family and friends. That’s all I can think of….Over and Over in my mind. The finish fever. I need to keep present and enjoy the wonderful beauty that surrounds me every day….

The Head waters of Illinois Creek, 28.7 miles

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