15-09-21   Day 162  Twin Lakes – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

As I squeezed the water through the Sawyer water filter into the titanium cook pot the water froze. I think I will wear all my clothes this morning. It was cold…..5:40 am I was hiking.

IMG_0128It was twelve miles to Twin Lakes and I wanted to do an “In/Out”. Get my food, Wash my clothes, And wash my body…in that order.

As I was walking into town, the Aspens were in their glory. Golden Yellow…..It was eye candy….or Delicious.

Jellybean’s sister lives nearby so she texted me she would come to Twin Lakes and do Trail Magic…..once again, I am Blessed.20150921_133749 (1)

I walked to the General Store and The Darkness and Scallywag were hanging…..The last time I saw them they were coming out of Leadore. Wow… This is going to be a wonderful finish. Fall color and surrounded with friends……

ContactPhoto-IMG_20150921_180458I asked Carl at the General Store about doing laundry or a shower…..Five miles down the road….Hummm. Not Good. My box? Not here….or there..Really not good……20150921_183327The Beanster arrived and hung out for a time before doing her magic. She assembled all our dirty cloths and drove five miles to the washateria….you know, the Laundromat. Whatever…  Very Nice…..

We all went out to dinner at the Lodge next door and enjoyed ice cream in front of the General Store. Carl, the owner, catered to every request and had a helping attitude. Since my box of food for the next six days was not there, I went through the hiker box and The Darkness and Scallywag shared some of their food….Again…Nice..

IMG_0130After dinner I checked to see if UPS delivered and YES…my box from Ghost Ranch, forward to Lake City, Forward to Twin Lakes arrived.  I was elated……. With much convincing, we stayed in the hut next to the store and caught up on social media.

Twin Lakes.  12 Miles

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