15-09-20 Day 161 Curtis, James, Camille – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

Curtis and James are high school buddies and they have not seen each other for 20 years. I had the honor to share in their celebration and reunion. It was wonderful. After I ate three pieces of pizza. James said, “Coffee and Donuts in Leadville tomorrow morning, right?”.

How could I resist?

20150920_064051I was up and packed at 6:00 am to ride into town for coffee. A real treat. James and Curtis went on as if they haven’t been apart for a day. It was wonderful.

Then it was time to hit the trail.7:30 am and Curtis and I were hiking South on the combined CDT/CT. Curtis’s legs were sore from pushing to get to Tennessee Pass yesterday. I was trying to get to Twin Lakes early so I could do a in/out and start on the next section to Monarch Pass. We said goodbye and thanked each other for the awesome time we hiked together. I was truly blessed.

20150920_115523The CDT/CT is a great trail. Most stream crossings have bridges and the blowdowns cleared. The trail is used for winter sports and is well graded which makes for fantastic hiking. I passed by Turquoise Lake and Leadville Federal Fish Hatchery. There was a great place to camp next to Willow Creek..at 7:30 pm.

Willow Creek, 23.5 Miles

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