15-09-19  Day 160  Excited and Sad – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

Well I did sleep longer. 4:15 am. I lay there pondering all my past life experiences. Excited about my future life and sad about the past. Extremely sad. It’s starting early, the reentry into our American culture and all I have to deal with.. ..  Reality is, I still have a lot of smiles to hike.20150919_144624 (1)I started at 5:45 am. The Conoco at Copper Mtn. didn’t open till 7:00 am so I plugged in my phone and waited for it to charge. Chris came out and gave me a cup of coffee at 6:45 am and I was off.

Soon I was hiking the CDT and the CT. Both trail share the same trail in some places. The trail was wonderful. Every turn was marked with a trail sign. I knew where I was at all times. Maybe that’s why it is perfect for me to be hiking the CT now. I need some stability in my life. The trail provides!

IMG_0067As I approached Kokomo Pass there was a hiker ahead of me….This is the CDT. I never catch up to hikers. Curtis is from Texas and section hiking the CDT….”Yep.. started in Steamboat and hiking south to Twin Lakes…”.ContactPhoto-IMG_20150919_150519Curtis said he was meeting a friend at Tennessee Pass for a ……BEER. oh boy, I’m all in. We had six miles to go and it was 4:30. It would be tight so we put on the boogie..

No one was at the pass so we found THE spot to call James and Camille. “We’re on our way with PIZZA AND BEER…..” wait that’s TRAIL MAGIC twice in one day. This just doesn’t happen on the CDT…Welllllll I am on the Colorado Trail… That’s why…. Is that confusing?

Tennessee Pass.  25 miles

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