15-09-18  Day 159  Snow Worries – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

I can’t sleep. It’s not good. It seems like I   haven’t had a good night’s sleep for a week. Its 3:15 am and I keep tossing and turning…. Might as well enjoy some coffee.

At 5:50 am I began climbing from 11,200 to 12,355 ft. No special peak just a high range. I was hoping to see the sun rise but I the clouds were blowing over the ridge. I dropped 2,000 ft. to South Fork of Williams Fork… Talk about Forks …Humm….20150918_084511 (1)When I turned the corner along the creek, Rich and Bobby from Dallas Texas were standing there drinking coffee. “Any Extra?”  “Sure” Rich said.. Trail Magic at its best……

We talked about how special that Dad, Son, and Grandson were out hunting together for a week….Special times…..IMG_0055 Off I went happy and coffeed up. Next, 2.8 mile climb back up to Ptarmigan Gap, 11,777 ft…It seemed like it took forever. The trail only lost me twice. Fxxxing, Fxxxing, Fxxxing Trail!!!!! Max Frustration…..Then it began to snow…lightly thank goodness. Oh Boy…It’s comming….SNOW WORRIES…

There was an option to walk a bike trail from Silverthorne to Frisco to Copper Mtn. My mind was made up…20150918_165021 (1)The walk along Dillon Reservoir was beautiful. The sun came out and there were bikers and skaters along the trail. I stopped in Frisco at the Safeway market to resupply and charge the phone batteries. I night hiked to Copper Mtn till 10:00 pm. Wrote this blog till 10:50 pm.   Maybe I will be able to sleep.

On Copper Bike Trail, 27 Miles

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