16-03-28   Day 1   On The Road Again!!!   Yorktown, VA to Astoria, OR

2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!

TransAmerica 2016 Blog


Words cannot express how happy I am to be back adventuring!!!!        Iva and Bill created and John and Suzanna hosted the first ever send off party for me starting a trip… I am overflowing with Gratitude and Thanks…  Jayne, Trish, Brian, David C., CJ, Jeanne, Barbara, Cat. Thank you!!!


Bill, Bike Angel of the year, solved all the problems of the world as we made our way to Yorktown, Va. We stopped at Pierce’s Famous BBQ for a special lunch and we ran into David C. from Afton as he was headed to the Coast… OK the magic is starting early….

Bill waited patiently while I assembled all the bags on the #SurleyLongHaulTrucker. Everything fit just like 2014…. Yes!!


Finally it was time to back my rear tire into the Eastern shore of the USA… Bill took a few pictures and then to the official start at the base of the Yorktown Monument.. Bill honked the horn as he passed me headed back to Charlottesville where we will meet up four days from now. Official Start 2:10 pm.


It is spring break and Yorktown, Williamsburg and Jamestown are filled with visitors. I thought about stopping but settled to read all the signs along the Colonial Parkway Route. Lots of history of people killing people back 400 years ago. Makes me wonder…


With 20 miles completed, I turned on to the Capital Bike Trail. It was around 5 and the trail was filled with bikers, runners, and walkers…. Cain, Wilson and Cole were riding their mountain bikes and had already completed 10 miles… Unfortunately they were headed south as were all the other bikers… So no one to ride with yet….


After riding 28 miles, I decided to stop at the county campground along the Chickahominy River. When I turned along the water to find my campsite, there it was. My dream pickup truck with a slide in camper…. Steve and Michelle invited me to have a beer with them and gave me a tour of their camper.. Top notch all the way….. .They are from ALABAMA and are on the Road….. Kinda like me…

They shared their lives, home, and dinner with me. To soon it was off to bed and to Camper Dreaming….

28 miles ,    Chickahominy Riverfront Park.