16-04-30       Day 34      Bike Magic

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

I was in no hurry to start biking. The guidebook said the ride was full of steep rollers, the forecast was for spotty rain and westerly wind, and I’m tired…

John said he was riding to Golden City, 80 miles… Humm. That wasn’t going to happen. My lights were dimming so was I.  I ate some oatmeal and biked to the store for some new batteries. By the time I got all the chores done it was 9:00..

The ride was as predicted.. I worked through it and at 1:00 I stopped at Bolton Country Market…. It was Saturday so it was busy with the friendliest people..The tenderloin sandwich was delicious and home made chocolate chip cookie topped it off.

As I was pedaling into Walnut Grove I could hear misc playing. What?? “Come on over, we are having a race and we have lots of food”. My belly was still full of lunch but I managed to shove in some watermelon and oranges…  The Idiots Running Club were having a 30 and 50 mile race.. WOW now that’s a accomplishment.

The route turned south and the wind was still out of the west so pedaling was a little easier. Nathan Boone’s homesite was a welcome distraction to take a break….  I took the shortcut to his house so I missed the lesson and will need to check if out later..

Ash Grove let’s bikers stay in a house in their park and I was done biking for the day. John texted me that he changed his mind and was at the park.. The VFW was having a Spaghetti Dinner and Dance at 5:00… It was 4:30 and my lucky day….

I stayed till 7:30 talking with Clyde and Brenda about Ash Grove over 50 years..  I even shook the hand of Mayor Jan and friend Jaynie. The band was filled with talent that missed the big time by a grain of wheat.. And the cherry and peach cobbler was to die for…..

A challenging Yummy Day….


My batteries are recharged……….

Marshfield, Mo to Ash Grove
50 miles