16-04-28       Day 32    Oh No…..

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

Looking at the #Adventurecycling maps we knew we were in for a challenging day. John was up at 4:00.  Really…  Garrett soon after…  Well I was not interested with getting up for anything before 5:00 am.  Since it was a small hostel, it is a part of traveling with others….  my goal is around 60 miles a day so that means 50 to 70 miles depending on the towns… and terrain. Today would be 30,20,20…   take your pick. Either a 50 miler or 70 with lots and lots and lots of climbs..

John and Garrett left at 6:00 am. I left at 7:00.  it was nice to get on the road early.. Light breeze, birds chirping, Morning…..

The pedaling through the Ozark National Scenic Riverways made me think of backpacking… The trees were now leafed out and the wind made them wave as I huffed and puffed my way, Up……     and Down…….  By 11:00 my legs were turning into jello so I stopped in the forest and listened to the birds and felt the warm wind restle with the newly leafed out trees… So peaceful..

It was 1:00 pm and the Flat Top fire tower call out… “Come climb me”.  I grabbed my food bag and climbed the 13 set of stairs and YES the trap door was unlocked… It looked like in 2005 the watchman put down his Readers Digest, Binoculars, and left.. Missouri looked so flat but I know better…..

As I was getting close to Houston I called Garrett to see what was up… He had made friends a few towns back who knew a friend of a friend and now we had a new friend, Wes and Judy.  We stayed at Wes’s man cave and were treated to chinese…. A blessing after a long, Challenging Day….


Ellington, MO to Houston, Mo
69 miles