16-04-27       Day 31     Ozarks

        Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
    2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

          I was not interested in riding in the rain all day. Weather Bug’s radar showed Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, and Dark Orange…..  Decision time….

         Pilot Knob was 20 miles away with Centerville and Ellington spaced evenly apart. The worst would be that I would be 2 to 3 hours in it so I packed up and headed out. Don headed to New Orleans, John ahead and Garrett was still in bed….

          On my way out of town I greased up at McDees and packed a hot coffee in my cooler. I could sip on it as I biked upppp and downnn.  

         Pilot Knob is another historic place of Fort and battle… I am still in the civil war arena…

I toured their museum and read about the battles…  Sad…  again I wondered why….

          A little farther down the road was Johnsons Shut-In State Park. As I was looking around, John rode up…  Again “How did I get ahead?”. We started on our way to Centerville for lunch but John was hungrier and boom, he was gone.

          In Centerville, Nancy made me a huge Ham sandwich and I was ready to hit the hills… I could see John’s bike at the Country Market in Ellington. He said he knew where the place was to stay in town so I followed him a mile out of town. The parks bathrooms were locked so I waited while John rode back in town to see what’s up…

         After a half hour waiting I decided to look at my info and there is a hostel back in town hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.  As I was headed back into town John rode back.. Alot of riding back and forth…

          The hostel was nice and the Mexican restaurant was delicious.  Thankfully the BIG storm never showed up…

    Farmington, MO to Ellington, MO
                          64 miles