16-04-19 Day 23    Bourbon Capital

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Judy and RJ’S home was next to the Baptist Church so I walked over to get a cup of coffee… Everything was laid out and Hand written notes guiding me through their home..  I started the coffee, took a shower, and had a peanut butter sandwich….   Life is SO good…


There was The Lincoln Homestead State Park a short way up the road.  I was a little disappointed because it was Lincoln’s Grandmother’s home…. Humm. Stretching it a little… What about Grandfather’s homesite?

I must have been dreaming about when and where we preserved a structure when I missed a turn and almost pedaled to Springfield.

I realized when I came to RT 150. Something was wrong… Almost to Springfield  and,15 miles to Bardstown….  the shoulder was wide so no worries. The shoulder quickly shrunk to 2 feet with a 18″ groove cut in to it…  Needless to say, the only thing I saw was the cars and trucks in my mirrors for 15 miles. A couple close calls and I was ready for some Bourbon!!!!!

Bardstown is the Bourbon capital of the World…. Lots of drinking here in KY.  I visited the Bourbon history museum, and Barton Distillary. Lots of ageing barrels. 4 years or more for the good, good stuff…..

Lastly for me it was Stephen Foster’s Cousins home… Again…. HUMM… Stephen Foster’s Cousin…  Brother, Sister, his home. Kentucky? Oh Kentucky’s State Song.   Great song writer… Way down upon the Swanee River………  Florida….

I rode to Howardstown and saw a pavilion behind St Ann Catholic Church… Nice. Neil Boone drove up and said it was OK to stay.

Lois at the convenience store also said it was OK and left the door to the bathroom door of the school open.  Thank you Lois!!!

At dusk, Garrett a biker rode up and decided to stay.. Yea a biker… Garrett is from Salt Lake City, riding to San Francisco, Ca…

Wow… Another crazy…

Mackville to Howards town. KY
64 miles
Howardstown’s  St Ann Picnic Pavilion.

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