16-04-20 Day 24 Kentucky Rollers

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2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

Garrett was ready to ride, I was ready for coffee…  I rode over to the Howardsville Store and had a local sausage and egg biscuit. Garrett being half my age said goodbye and off he rode.

The riding was filled with roller after roller… Push to the top, ride to the bottom.. Big open fields…  Looked like beautiful horse farms only filled with cows….

I was having an afternoon snack and Garrett rolled up.. Humm…  ” How did you pass me?” he asked…  Ahhh.. Riding?

We rode together as I tried to keep up… Rain was coming so it was time to put in some miles… There was a time change so we had and extra hour to ride…  My legs were not aware of the time change. ..  But on they went..

As we were riding, three bikers rode up going East with semi loaded Bikes. Dan, Andy, and Scott from Los Angeles, are biking across the country one week a year…..  Now that is crazy amazing…..  All the bikes hit the dirt and it was like old friends who haven’t seen each other for years….  And then they were gone….  only after we traded our email addresses. …..  New Friends…

It started sprinkling at 5:00 while we were loading up on a grease burger… It was 16 miles to Fordsville… What the heck…. Lots roll…

It was getting dark when we arrived.. We looked for a place to stay… The fairgrounds 2 more miles or somewhere in town… Brandy at the convenience store called Lois and we were set at the Baptist Church Pavillion.  Joe the pastor offered showers and laundry…. A amazing day on the road…

Howardstown to Fordsville, KY
84.5 miles

Fordsville Baptist Church Pavilion