16-04-18 Day 22.    Small Town

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2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure

The Mockingbird was singing …. Time to ride..  get up…..   I am so thankful for Maya opening her home and providing me two days of rest and healthy food to feed my growing appetite.

The guidebook said the terrain was going to become rolling hills and I was ready. There were two, one stop hills for me to get a breather. Thanks for the Adventure Cycling signs to guide the way. There were roads with no names and single lane.

I took a break and watched a bulldozer push down a single tree in a field… Big time entertainment.

I stopped at the convince store in Rose Hill and was going to eat a bite when Judy said Mackville had a great grill…. Well then Mackville Pool hall and Grill it will be….

At first I thought that this might not be what I was looking for but Ashley,Casey and Taylor changed all that…  The Chicken Wrap followed by a Cheeseburger was wonderful. Ashley called to see if I could camp at the church. Gary stopped by and set me up. Judy and RJ lived next to the church and said they would leave the back door open, get the coffee ready and put out towels if I wanted to take a shower…. So welcoming. …   WoW….

Berea to Mackville, 60 Miles
Mackville Baptist Church Back Porch.

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