16-04-16/17 Day 20/21 Days of Rest

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2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!!

After three weeks on the road,  I cleaned the bike and chain, I looked into replacing the worn chain and brake pads.  There wasn’t a bike shop in town and it would take more than two days to have one delivered.  I called a bike shop in Richmond 10 miles away and Jay offered to bring me the parts after he got off of work tonight… YEA!

It took a few hours to catch up with email and download the maps into my phone for Section 10 of the Trans America Bicycle Route. With all that done it was time to visit Berea…

Maya, the warm showers host, worked at the visitor center in downtown Berea. That was my first stop to see what thete was to visit. Berea College is unique as it is tuition free. The students are required to do 10 to 15 hours of work a week and can graduate with zero debt….  A great opportunity for Kentucky Gifted Children.

The school was having a dandelion festival with bands, games and arts and crafts… So nice to sit and take it all in.

Jay, from Mikes Hike and Bike,  stopped by on his way home and brought me new brake pads and put on a new chain on my bike. Sure hope it takes the strange squeaking sound away. Awesome Service…  THANK YOU JAY!!!
Rest Day 2

Maya is a kayaker so I decided to stay another day to go kayaking. . Like Iva, Maya has a stable full of kayaks…… We loaded up two and took a short drive to Owsley Lake Reservoir. The goal was to sneak up on a sunning turtle and touch one.  I think you should get credit for being the closest like horseshoes. No turtles were touched. There were also beaver…. Beaver and drinking water don’t mix in my book…  No beaver fever for me….

Since I was in town we picked up some vegetables and roasted them with some leftovers.   Yummy. …. Lemon cake and Moose Track Ice Cream….. Do you wonder why I like biking???

Watched a movie and dremp of being back on the bike…..

Two Restful Zeros

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