16-04-12       Day 16      Kentucky

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!!

The rain was still falling as I pulled the packed bike out from under the picnic shelter…  It was 9:00 am… What’s the rush? I asked my self…  I rolled the bike back under the shelter and want back inside the church. The forecast kept moving the time the rain was supposed to stop back… I grabbed a book on a shelf and began reading about a lady whose family was split apart when she was three….  Sad

After yesterday’s ride, today’s was a piece of cake.. One BIG climb up Big A mountain. Then three right in a row. The city of Council had the biggest park… I mean big for a rural park…  It was cold so I stopped every chance I could do I could thaw out…  Davenport gas station didn’t have a deli so I pushed on to Birchleaf… The best chili/slaw dog in town…20160413_075956After another Breath Taking Climb I came to Breaks Interstate Park..  As I rode through the park I stopped at the lookouts to see the river in the Canyon 1,000 ft below… A hint of red here and there from the Blooming Red-buds.

Camp Hosts. Teddy, Crystal and their four children welcomed me as their only camper for the night. I took a long shower and was catching up and Teddy invited my to a dinner of Taters, Mac n cheese, Beans, and Chicken Tenders…. Yummy…  Thank You Crystal and Teddy…

I was invited for coffee at 6:30 am. I was to tired to blog and quickly fell asleep in a pile of leaves… In my tent….

Breaks Interstate Park, 41.5 Miles

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