16-04-11      Day 15      Take it Easy

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!!

There was a four mile climb up to Hayter’s Gap and I was not eager to find out how it got it’s name.  I took my time catching up on the communication stuff… Writing, uploading, reading, relpying…..   Stuff..  I said goodbye to Lea about four times… Something just pulled at me to stay…  Paul got his chores done so it was time for early lunch at MoJos…

They told me there was a new chef that had returned home to open his own place. When we walked in, Susan  Seymore, a friend I met volunteering at Trail Days back in 2010/11, was working behind the counter…. “What are you doing here?” “This is my son’s place…..   What a small world… My visit is now complete…  I got to visit with my Damascus family and now it’s time to hit the road…..IMG_0701I pedaled north/west to Meadowview where I had to bike through some backyards to avoid a detour of undetermined length. Crossed the South Fork and the Middle Fork of the Holston River. Then the dreaded four mile climb up to Hayter’s Gap….  It was hard but not Hateful.20160411_155911Soon I pulled into Elk Garden UMC for the night…   Water, bathrooms, kitchen, a warm place to sleep. ( Storm In The Forecast) A Bikers Hostel Come True…..

Made some phone calls and early to sleep…..

Elk Garden Methodist Church
Short of Rosedale, 32.5 Miles.

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