16-04-10       Day 14       Damascus

Biking the TransAm 2016 Blog
2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!!

I awoke early, having tossed and turned all night,  Restless.

Mary drove up with egg casserole and toasted English muffins. Such a special gift…

We all went to Sunday School and Church. It was nice to hear an uplifting message prior to the days bike ride…


Crossing The Appalachian Trail 

The ride to Damascus was well graded and my legs felt strong. The day off did me well. I tried to ride the Creeper Bike Trail but the Surly Trucker is not set up for a gravel path. Back on the road I coasted into Damascus and the Hikers Inn.

Paul and Lea host hikers and bikers in their Inn since 2011. Paul hiked the AT in 2010 but I didn’t meet him until 2011 as I hiked thru. The town was filled with hikers doing what hikers do. Eat, drink, and talk about miles and miles.. Seems like home.

Paul and Lea said Bobo’s, the old Quincys,  was the place to eat so we  shared wonderful conversation and a meal…. So heart warming. It was as if we never were separated.  What a Awesome Community….    Thank You Paul and Lea.

Damascus      25 miles

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