16-04-13       Day 17       Coal Dogs

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2 Wheels, 6 Months, 1 Adventure!!!!

I heard Crystal leave with the children at 6:00 to drive them from Breaks Park to Elkhorn City school. The kids loved living in the camper and park…. Time to get up.

I stored my bike in the Campground bathroom . As I was finishing packing the bike, Teddy came in, ” Ready for coffee?” 6:32 am on the dot.20160413_082154Teddy and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and soon I was all bundled up for a chilling ride down the mountain to Elkhorn City for breakfast at the Golden Ring Restaurant.  I crossed the official State line welcoming me to Kentucky. It wasn’t long before I noticed an increase in trash along the road and loose dogs. You must not trade in your car in Kentucky. “That was my first car…. she was a beauty. And that one there….   Oh that’s my parts car….”.. Till the yard is full.

Crazy as it sounds, the 76 bike route goes right by Teddy’s home and sure enough there he was, line trimming the bank in front of his house as he said he was planning to do today… Hi Teddy and thanks for your wonderful hospitality.IMG_0707Lots of Coal trucks were carrying their load to the next point of shipment somewhere…. As the day continued, I rode deeper into the country and saw mine after mine sitting… rusting, mile after mile of CSX rail cars, trucks in all stages of repair, frozen in time.. No Coal, No work, No need to fix, No money…..

I was trying to make it to Hindman but I was pooped so I stopped at the Pippa Passes Caney Baptist Church. Pastor Lawrence was finishing his bible study and said it was OK to sleep inside. All the comforts of home. I made a Asian side and bed time after I ate half a bag of Little Debbie donuts… The appetite is kicking in.

Breaks Interstate Park to Pippa Passes.
64 Miles

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