15-09-09  Day 150. Hikers and Hunters – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

The decision to stop at 6:30 pm last night was a good decision. The trail climbed to 11,930 ft with no flat areas to sleep. I looked for the lost ranger on top of Lost Ranger Peak but no luck.20150909_095626

The trail ran along the divide then dropped to Buffalo Pass. It was in the Zirkel Wilderness and lots of hikers and hunters. There was Marita and Dwight, from Idaho, section hiking the CDT. Mike and Cody, from Kansas hunting Elk on horses. Cody shot one one yesterday with a bow and arrow…

IMG_9749Wow. John and Diane, from Steamboat. They had their old backpacks from the seventies. I loved their kelty packs. IMG_9752Then Greg and Michele, from Nunn, Grouse hunting. Greg showed me two Grouse he shot with his Grandfather’s rifle….amazing.

As I hiked there was a chance I could make it to Steamboat tonight. White Face and Grit were in town an I was texting them that it was four in the afternoon and I still had 10 miles to hike. Hummm. Well I missed a turn and hiked a half mile off trail. That was the end of trying to get to town. I decided to hike late and stay at Dumont Lake Campground. I needed water and it was dark. I saw a light and thought it best to ask than search. Jack and Deanna invited me to DINNER…..Trail Magic. I was starving and the chicken and watermelon was delicious. ..Thank you so much……

Dumont Lake Campground 29.7 miles

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