15-09-08  Day 149. Quaking Aspens – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

It was getting dark and the only flattish spot was above the spring. Thank goodness for the polycro groundsheet from Gossamer Gear.

Four ATVs  passed by the tent at 6:00 am. Now that’s serious bow hunters. I bumped the pot on top of the stove which bumped my newly made coffee and over it went. I guess I wasn’t supposed to have coffee this morning.The trail at first was not the best start to a day but after a while it was fantastic. As I approached the Seed house trail head and parking lot, I actually saw five day hikers. Really. I haven’t seen any hikers since getting back on the trail in Rawlins. Lots of great ATVers, but no hikers….Just making a comment.20150909_093406 (1)

IMG_9743I climbed from 8,085 ft to 10,700 ft. It’s great to be high again. Well I am in Colorado, aren’t I????. Made half of a Mountain House Chicken and Noodles with a half a ramen next to North Lake. Stopped at 6:30 since the trees stopped and the trail continued above tree line… I need a good night’s sleep…

Below Lost Ranger Peak…22.5 Miles

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