15-08-27 Day 138 Glacier National Park – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

My alarm went off at 5:00 am as always but this time I had to get up. I started the coffee and made the last minute packing decisions. We were going to hike from Logan Pass to Waterton, Canada. Then bus back to Jellybean’s car and figure a way to hike south.

Thats the plan and we will see what up.

20150827_074433 Goodbye to Peaches and Bean drove us from East Glacier Park to Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. There were Big Horned Sheep in the parking lot to welcome us… It was early in the morning so only a few people were there.

We started on the High Line Trail and through the smoke from the fires, you could see that it was a special place. To bad we could only see the shadows of the mountains.

20150827_131212Fifty Mountain Campsite was occupied by hikers like any other national park. There were experienced and novice from all over the states. We shared stories and had a great time. Two guys went down for water and saw a huge grizzly bear…. Maybe I will get my chance to see one…..

Fifty Mountain, 19.5 Miles