15-08-26.     Day 137.     Day of Rest – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

Even though it was technically my day off. We left at 5:45 am to drive to Two Medicine Campground to get our permit to hike the park. We were second in line when the office opened at 7:00 am. I heard of Sam Thornton from hikers headed south. Usually the Rangers will not issue permits with campsites farther than ten miles apart and for good reasons. We aren’t normal hikers in many ways and Sam knows that. He said we had a lot of trails closed in the south of the park and suggested we hike the north end and then come back and see if anything has opened up in two days. Sounds like the CDT to me.

20150826_074948  I wanted to see the East Glacier Lodge so me and Bean went for breakfast. It was like the Old Faithful Inn, all logs, but bigger columns and lots of straight lines….

Back to East Glacier we packed our food for two days. I have never left town with two days of food so I am looking forward to hike this section with a light pack.

I wrote some post cards and ate, napped, and ate again. As we were walking to dinner, Lint, Patches, and Grape Nuts walked into town, Just finishing a complete through Hike. They passed me in Lincoln, ten days earlier. Wow is that fast.  We had dinner and Lint left on the 7:45 train. Patches and Grape nuts took showers and hung out while waiting for travel plans home. Grape Nut’s friend picked him up while I was sleeping. Bean slept in her car and let Patches sleep in her bed….. What a nice gesture….

East Glacier Park.    0 Miles

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