15-08-28 Day 139 Waterton

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

The Grizzly decided not to eat us so we had a great nights sleep. We took our time getting sta20150828_124736rted and had breakfast with the guys at the Fifty Mountain Campsite. There were nine of us. At 7:00 am it was time to walk to Waterton, Alberta, Canada. I was stoked with all kinds of emotions rushing through my head.20150828_085354Every day was amazing and falling into place with no effort on my part… Well.. maybe a little effort.

20150828_144447It was sixteen miles to the US / Canada border and another 4 miles to Waterton. We rolled in a little after 2:00 pm at the border and took lots of pictures. Most likely I will never be back. As we got closer to Waterton we began to see a lot more day hikers.

20150828_170408As we were walking through the Waterton campground, Rick, sitting by his camper,  offered us a beer…”I think I am going to like this town.”

20150828_195011(0)We headed straight to Zums for some fried chicken. Yum…. After dinner,! we walked the town and sampled any food I could shove into my face. I went into Zuma the Taco Bar and ordered two tacos from India and Amanda. Then a box of Chocolate Almond Milk with Oreo Cookies.20150828_204600

ndia said we could get a tour so we hiked up to the Prince Of Wales Hotel, overlooking the lake and town of Waterton.  Kalvin and Christina gave us a tour of the Grand hotel. It was built for people wishing to escape prohibition and enjoying the beautiful mountains, all of eighty six rooms.

ContactPhoto-IMG_20150829_074846Back down the hill to Barbara’s back porch, a resident of Waterton, to sleep on cots she rolled out for us….Amazing

Waterton, Alberta, Canada.  19.5 Miles

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