15-08-03.   Day 114.   Flopster – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

The wind blew through the trees all night making a wonderful sound to sleep to. Flopped sounded the morning wake up call.  It was Flop’s last day, completing a section hike from Rawlins, WY to St. Joseph Pass, MT. 763 or 712 miles plus or minus from June 20th to August 3rd, 44 days. Wow. He will be home tomorrow night, with his wife, sitting in his hot tub, drinking a Moose Drool. He really hasn’t been present the last few days with his thoughts of going home. He can’t wait to get back home. I don’t blame him. It’s a long trail and I’m missing home to and not looking forward to hiking alone. I hiked alone in ’78 on the AT. Back then there wasn’t a lot of hikers. But as always the trail provides and only the future will tell.

We enjoyed our morning coffee. I had to sit and take it all in. We had plenty of time to hike the 10.5 miles to Chief Joseph pass and then Lost Trail Pass. We put our time in and pushed when we could to make it happen. We still had two climbs straight up and down to remind us that it isn’t over till it’s over. We soon were on a forest road a cruised to the Chief. Flop was thinking of a hamburger and onion rings for lunch. I was hoping we could find a ride that would stop in Sula to pick up my package and Darby to have a last meal together. Both of our dreams came true.

As we crossed highway 93 at Lost Trail Pass, Barb stopped and asked if we needed a ride. “Well yes, Sula to get a package, Darby to have lunch and drop me off, and Hamilton to drop off Flop..”. “Great, no problem, hop in I’m going that way”. Wow that was to easy… Sula is 13 miles away, Darby 31, and Hamilton 47. Flop was worried about the hitch and Barb put that all to rest. We picked up the box, and had a wonderful lunch. Barb even arranged a ride for me back to the trail with Renee our waitress at the Little Blue Joint.             She is truly a Trail Angel on steroids.    20150804_115229 I was so happy for Flop and sad to see him go as they dropped me off at the Travelers Rest Cabins and RV Park. Soon they were gone and another chapter to begin on the CDT adventure.

Sally met me with a big smile and made me welcome. The bunk house would be great. “Most likely you will have it all to yourself” she said. I cleaned up and walked a block to the PO to pick up my food box. It had leftovers from Grants in Yellowstone.. It’s hard to think that far back. Smurf texted me to pick up his box. I showed the postal clerk the text from Smurf and she gave me the box. Nice, between the two boxes my food supply was done and a big donation to the hiker box. As I was leaving I asked about a place to eat. “The only place in town open after 4:00 is the Little Blue Joint”. I ate there for lunch. What I really could use is a home cooked meal. Rachael said, “Tacos OK?”. “Sure” I said, just inviting myself for dinner.

Rachael, Neff, her husband, Three old Owen, and I all sat at the dining room table and celebrated today with home made tacos.

Blessed truly Blessed

Darby, 10.5 miles

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