15-08-04.  Day. 115.   Back to One – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

Another sleepless night. It’s not the Travelers Rest fault. I didn’t drink any coffee…. I think it’s just town. Lots of things to do..Lots… Eat, Download Maps into phone. Install Guthook’s App and download Maps. Back-flush water filter. Eat,  clean pots and pans. Repack food for five days. Eat. Load box for Anaconda and bounce extra stuff to Helena like the Bear Spray..  Charge all the batteries, Camera, speaker, and MP3 player. Make a replacement windscreen. Eat, write post cards. Delete email, respond to a few. Eat 20150804_101829 I walked to the store for coffee and two donuts. Stopped by the ranger station museum.  Darby was a logging town until they cut all the trees. Now it’s the river for fishing and rafting.

I packed up and took two boxes to the PO. Extra food to Anaconda, bounced my tee shirt, towel, battery for solar charger, blue tooth speaker, bear spray, and a canister of fuel to Helena.  Hopefully it will lighten my pack since I have five days of food and seventeen miles of no water…..

The town of Darby is very friendly. It must be the water….Everyone was nice to me. I even got invited to stay another night at a home…..Nice.

The library was busy and the had a computer for me to catch up on the CDT Facebook page. My last stop was Bandit Brewery. Rachel was working, with her big smile and CDT hiker Derek was keeping everyone entertained and bought me a beer. Thanks Derek….The breakfast brown ale was my favorite…. Yummy…

I wrote a few cards and it was time to meet Renee and her husband Devon for my ride back to St. Josephs Pass. It rained on the way and cooled down the afternoon heat.    20150804_203134The hike to Gibbons Pass was nice with gentle rolling hills. The pack was heavy with lots of food and lots of water. At 8:00 pm it was time to cowboy camp….

Past Gibbons Pass.  7 miles

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