15-07-29.  Day 109.  Cruising Again – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

I had a lot to do before Sam gave us a ride back to Bannock Pass. I packed my backpack last night but still had some last minute packing. I boxed up three packages to send. One to myself in Boulder, return the OR gloves that only one was in the box, and the solar charger is not working.

At 7:00 I walked into Sam’s kitchen and he had made fresh home-fries. We fried the bacon and eggs….and drank all his coffee. At 8:00 am I ran to the Post Office to see Sandy at the counter. She  helped me get the boxes packed just right and I was out the door in fifteen minutes

P1040538  Poppa Smurf, Flop, and Sam were ready to go so I grabbed my pack and jumped into Sam’s truck. It is a 15 mile ride on dirt road back to Bannock Pass. The time went fast as I finished off the popcorn and coffee. Nice combo.

We hugged Sam goodbye. What a wonderful person. Wow…..The hike was amazing compared to Mondays hike. We hiked the Divide most of the day. Grizzly Hill and skirted Goat Mountain. We loaded up on water at an unnamed spring that will need to last us for ten miles to Lemhi Pass. At 8:00 pm we found a campsite and turned in.

P1040549       Between Two Peaks.  20.5 Miles

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