15-07-28  Day 108.     Poppa Smurf Lives Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

Really didn’t sleep that well  with all the activities pending….. And coffee I drank. Around 3:00am I drifted off to sleep. At 5:00 am the biological clock said “GET UP”. But I needed to sleep in. At 7:00 I checked the main house, Sam’s home and coffee and breakfast was ready…. Wow….the magic continues.

We walked down to the PO at 8:00 am and picked up our food resupply for the next 120 miles to Darby Mt. I also bought some storage pouches from Gossamer Gear since the Osprey Atmos hip belt pockets are worthless. Also a mp3 player. The idea of using the phone for music hasn’t worked out since it drains the battery and the Suntastic S5 solar charger is broken. Lots of details that make the hike just a little stressful.


At 10:00 am Smurf drove up with his Big smile and a great big bear hug… So Nice. Moonwalker sent us a BOX full of my favorite yummy chocolate chip cookies.. Thanks Moongirl.. Since he had his car, we drove to Salmon, ID for lunch and for Flop to make his return travel plans back to California in a week. More change….

We stopped by the grocery and picked up some salad and a chicken for a celebration of Smurf’s 71st birthday…..Celebrate!    20150728_191558Sam’s Mom and Dad, Perl and Fred,  stopped by along with neighbors, Mark and Tater for an exciting evening of watching a State Trooper arrest a truck driver for DUI.

Life in Leadore ID…….

Leadore ID. 0 Miles

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