15-07-27. Day 107. Elk Mountain Snow – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

When Memphis hiked by as we were setting up our tents he mentioned rain and snow. The sky was heavily overcast and fog was blowing over the ridge as we hiked.

ContactPhoto-IMG_20150727_071404We stopped by the spring when Heart Breaker and Hiker Box walked through the woods looking for the spring. We talked about having Sam pick us up at the pass. We had fifteen miles to hike so we did the boogie.

As we climbed to 9,000 ft it began to rain. When we reached the top of Elk Mtn at 10,340 ft we were in a full blown snow storm. Flop asked me to lead but my glasses were frozen with snow. We found a saddle but couldn’t find the trail. I was wet and freezing and began to shake. We decided to set up out tents to block the wind before we couldn’t. By the time I got into my then and out of my wet cloths and into some dry clothes I was in full stage one hypothermia. I was uncontrollable shaking. I shoved some of Flops delicious gorp in the pie hole, chomped it up and promptly fell asleep.   ContactPhoto-IMG_20150727_124136  Around 12:00 pm Johnny Z hiked by in shorts. It had stopped snowing and my tent was covered in three inches of snow. Flopped yelled “What do you want to do?”  Humm Stay in my tent and sleeping bag sounded like a great idea…..” I’ll buy you dinner if we go” Oh boy…Food is a BIG motivator. It was ten miles to Banning Pass where Sam will drive up and take you to his Leadore Inn for a hot shower…. “LET’S GO”. As soon as we started packing up it started to rain. Then snow….I could feel the rain run down my back, into my pants, and soak my only once dry long underwear. Now we were living on the edge. I turned on my phone and luckily got reception and Sam answered. See you in three hours. Nice. We hiked as fast as we could and when we reached the pass, Sam was there thirty minutes early with the heater running…..  P1040522         Sam thank you So Much…..

Leadore Inn. 15 miles

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