15-07-26.      Day 106.      The Herd – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

Flop posed like a bird since we are birdless. Our campsite was nestled in a group of pine trees with a thick mat of needles. Very soft and comforting. We sipped coffee while we packed up and headed up.

We  climbed up to 9,500 ft, then down and up over and over and over ranging between 8,200 ft and 9,700 ft. We passed Coyote Creek, then  Morrison Lake. There were four mountain bikers warning us of the steep climbed. They should have warned us of the wrong turn we made hiking a half mile straight up to a dead end…… Bummer. Back down and back on the trail.

We started meeting south-bounders. First Patrick and Jeanine from Switzerland, then Scallywag, Easily Distracted, Veggie, and The Darkness. I met The Darkness on the AT, PCT, and now the CDT…..small world. Then Andy, Leah, Action and Short Stack. Last but not least, Memphis. It was a lot of fun meeting everyone and we needed to get in 21 miles so we hiked late and camped at the Spring on the actual Continental Divide.

Spring.  21 Miles

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