15-07-24. Day 104  Buffalo Spring – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

P1040419     Little did we know……, well there was a lot of cow poop,…….. that we made camp in the cows favorite camping spot. Sometime during the night, there was a stampede of cows through camp. “Are you OK Trail?” Flop yelled out. “Yep, You?” We survived.     P1040392  We made coffee and started at our regular time of 6:15 am. We hike to the Sawmill trail head and promptly got misplaced. When ever the trail losses you, always hike straight uphill. You will always run into the trail. Well…..Maybe sometimes.

Back on the trail and climbing up 2,000 ft to 9,400 ft we took a break and relished in the moment of how blessed we were to be here. Flop has gone through two bouts of leukemia. He is doing great and I am having a tough time keeping up with him.

We had thirteen miles to Buffalo Spring and then no water for thirteen miles. We decided to have dinner for lunch and then load up on water at Buffalo Spring.

We met Sleepwalker and Whistle, the first true southbounders. YEA, There is a hiker other than a flipper. We gave them some tips on the next the few miles and the did the same.

We needed to get water so when we saw the sign for buffalo spring, we read the map and it said hike uphill and look for the pipe. Well it didn’t say a quarter mile uphill. And it didn’t say there was a new pipe attached to the old pipe that ran the water down to the saddle a quarter mile north of where we stopped. Do you kinda get the picture of a hour of running around to figure out all we had to do was hike the trail to the saddle to get water. Very frustrating. …..Did I say VERY?…

Below 8494 Peak    19 Miles

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