15-07-23  Day 103  The Roller Coaster Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

It was back to Jan’s. I already ate a frozen dinner left over from yesterday’s grocery run. Flop had the #2 with ham… How can you resist?

P1040365 We packed up and at 8:00 am Mike had us rolling down the road, back to the exact spot where he picked us up.. How did he remember?

Flop and I began our climb back into the mountains. We heard we were going to be going up and down but I had no idea if was going to be ALL DAY.  I mean straight up and straight down. Some one played a joke and we actually hiked around one peak… What were they thinking? I needed to climb another peak……or two…..or twenty.

And to top it off we needed it to storm. Yes ..No trees, Balds for as far as you can see, and lightning and thunder. Now that’s what I call real CDT adventure. The views and landscape were something I have never seen before. Flop said it was his favorite day hiking.

We met Poppi, and Axel hiking south and since it was raining and I was climbing straight up, gasping for air, we didn’t spend a lot of time talking. A real shame.   20150723_144851  We took an “alternate purple route” down to Shineberger Creek and hiked to Little Beaver Creek to camp.

Little Beaver Creek.    20.5 miles

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