15-07-22.     Day 102.    Birthday Day – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

Jan’s has a reputation for great breakfasts. We all got the #2, 2 with ham, 1 with sausage. It was a special time, first it’s my birthday and second Smurf was leaving for Lander, Wyoming at 8:30 AM. Joe decided to drive Smurf six hours south to get his car and medical attention. I think it was to get away from Flop and me.

Joe drove up on time and off they went, Hugs and Waves.  Now it was Flop and me, the North-bounders.

We went to the Post Office for our food boxes filled with five days of food. The schedule is tight with 100 miles in five days….. We will see.

Mike was driving to Dillon to get some supplies so we asked to tag along. First stop Sharkey’s for a Birthday lunch. Flop found his fried onion rings and I had a steak sandwich. Thanks Flop for treating me like a king. It was perfect. Mike dropped us off downtown to walk around while he ran some errands. We stopped by the grocery store to get some salad and fruit to carry out of town.    20150722_194654 Flop and I drank Moose Drool and ate salad with brownies for desert. A wonderful Birthday indeed….

Lima, MT.  0 Miles

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