15-06-25.   Day 75.   Company – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015


I haven’t missed waking up with condensation on my sleeping bag since Colorado.  I should have known we would have dew since we were camping in a field next to Weasel Spring. I hiked a few minutes to the spring, pumped three liters and hiked back to have breakfast. Nothing special about our routine.

We were hiking by 7:00 and hiked 5 1/2 miles to Mormon Spring. There was a rock with shade which provided a perfect excuse for an early lunch. Moonwalker went for water while I solved all the problems of the day which meant-  I took a nap. Moonwalker made tsampa soup and I tried to eat everything in my pack. After an hour we hiked mostly west and a little south towards Sweet Water Creek.

We hiked the California, Oregon, and Seminole Cutoff trail. The trail signs came out of nowhere and we left them the same way. Maybe I can do some research about old trail routes that we pass.

The white BLM truck stopped ahead of us. Jim jumped out and asked us if we needed water or could he take our trash…Little things…. Very nice. We thanked him for the work the BLM had done fencing off water sources to keep the cows out.


Shortly we saw three bikers zoom by… We must be hiking the Great Divide Biking Trail. Then Alyson with her Bike Friday rode up behind us and stopped to day HI. She is riding from Mexico to Canada just like us except she will be in Canada way before me.


Then Sterling and Farmer hiked by going south. They are part of a group of veteran hiking the trail. They are the first hikers we have seen in four days. Farmer was helping another hiker mover her car and stopped and was the trail magic king.. Mountain Dew, String Cheese and Water.

At Sweetwater River crossing we had second lunch and worked on Doctoring Moonwalker’s Blister. Cleaning, sanitizing  running thread to help it drain. Hope for healing.

We dropped down to ford Willow Creek three times, made dinner, watched the sunset, and went to bed.

Willow Creek.   18 miles

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