15-06-23.      Day 73.       Birthday Girl – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

It’s Moonwalker’s birthday.  We are going to have a party today. Complete with chocolate cake, candle, and coffee for breakfast.

We hiked six miles to Barrel spring along Cooks Creek and watched the Horses play in the distance. The spring was flowing so we stopped and filled up. It was hot and a short four mile hike to Barton Spring were we found some shade. I cranked the Beatles birthday song and we danced, ate lunch, took a long siesta.

After coffee, we hiked past Arapahoe spring with cows welcoming us but the bull through a fit.


The terrain was beautiful, with treed slopes and rolling hills. The Antelope ran this way and that way all day long. We came to a BLM fenced spring that was bone dry. A quarter mile down the hill there were two ponds with cows taking an evening swim. At 7:00 pm Moonwalker realized she dropped her camera about a mile back up the hill and ran to get it. At 8:45 it was getting dark so I packed up and started to hike back up the hill when The happy Moonwalker with camera appeared. We hiked up a side hill and found a great spot to cowboy camp..

Above Two Cow Ponds 17.5 Miles

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