15-06-26.   Day 76.   South Pass City – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

Flash, Crash, and Pitter Patter. It was the first time we were in the Zpacks Heximid Solo Plus in the rain. We both stayed dry and had a good night’s sleep. The tent was wet heavy, so Moonwalker volunteered to carry it. What a great backing partner.

We had nine miles to hike to South Pass City so we were in no hurry. Moonwalker practiced hiking cross country with GPS, map and compass. We came out right where we wanted to and realized that sometimes it may be faster to hike a dirt road a little out of the way then dodging the sage brush.

As we hiked into town we stepped back in time to the eighteen hundreds with gold mining the main economic activity. The buildings were preserved with a dirt main street and boardwalks along both sides. We rushed to the general store where Sandy served us two ice cold root beers. And Moonwalker borrowed her cell phone to call Sandy Lake Lodge to let them know we were coming…. NO ANSWER…..We picked up our food box and dived up our food for the next three days.

Katherine gave us a tour of the saloon and Sandy come to talk about long distance hiking. She invited us to her one room historic cabin for a beer and how could we resist. She offered us showers and afterwards we set up our tent in downtown South Pass City.

Trail Magic!! Thanks Both Sandys.

Downtown South Pass City.     9.2 Miles

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