15-05-26.     Day 45.     Got to Go – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015

I needed to hike. I didn’t care what route. The high route, the low route, or road walk. It didn’t matter. We came into town on Thursday, hiked 9 miles out and back (18 miles ) and here it is six days later and we are at the same place.

I openly told my plan. If I go alone I will walk the low route. If someone goes with me, the high route. #2 said he would go. Sooo.

We said our goodbyes with everyone going in different directions. Alice, our wonderful Trail Angel Mom, drove #2 and me to Cumbres Pass for the third time and at 11:30 am we started north. Like before we hiked on trail and could hear the steam engine train from Chama huffing and puffing up the pass. As we hiked the trail went from dirt to snow. Now I had another SIX pounds of gear. Snowshoes, MSR Pocket Rocket Canister Stove, and neoprene socks. This is in addition to the extra sleeping pad, Microspikes and Black Diamond whippet. Winter camping…humm.

After hiking past the campsite we stayed at on Saturday night, we dropped down, thinking we would go around the peak in front of us. We ended up scrambling up to the top of the ridge…  Wow I was exhausted. We found a nice spot in the snow and stopped for the day.

Flat Trail Intersection. 10.2 Mile

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