15-05-25 Day 44 Indecision – Mark Trail CDT


15-05-25.   Day 44.   Indecision. ..   Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark CDT 2015

I was exhausted. Really tired.. Morally tired. Eighteen miles and no advancement. The inner drive to hike and the weather and mountain conditions were in conflict. What to do? Flip to Wyoming where there is “Better” conditions, Wait for the snow to melt, Hike the high route, hike the low route ( forest service roads) or just hike the highway…. How am I going to make it to Canada by the 15th of September?

BirdDog and Raven doing some customer service

Andy’s Mom, Alice was at the outfitter in Telluride, getting snowshoes, and buying equipment. Great, more gear to carry. I needed a stove and snowshoes. She arrived at 5:00 pm just in time for a hiker cookout. We found a grill and had meat and vegetables roasting. Yumm..We were all talking of the options on the table. It felt like no one wanted to split up but change was coming.


Cookout  at the Y Motel with #2, Alex, Alex, and Trail Angel Alice

Still in Chama.   0 miles.

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