15-05-27.     Day 46.    Wet Snow – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015


The wind blew and the snow fell. #2 and I packed up and put on our snowshoes. I have never hiked all day in snowshoes and it was exhausting.  At first the snow had a nice frozen crust with a inch of new snow. By 8:30 am the sun was up and the new snow was clumping under the shoes. By noon we were sinking in and the wet snow was on the shoes adding to the additional two lbs on each foot. We found some water and took a break.

This was real flowing water… Very rare at 11,500 ft. As we climbed,  It would thunder, the wind would blow, a little snow, and the sun would come out. We climbed to 12,000 ft with #2 doing a great job navigating. As the day went on the snow got heavier and made the hiking harder. At 7:20 pm we had hiker 13 miles…. I made a snow box for my tarp and went to bed. To tired to make dinner


Below 11,894 ft peak,  13 miles

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