15-05-21.       Day 40.      Colorado – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

It was Sourdough’s last morning on the trail so he wanted to sleep in. At 6:00 am he came over to my tarp. “Can I borrow your pot?”. “Sure. Are we starting at 6:30?” I asked.  “I’m making hot water and leftovers”. Ok.. Great…..Leftovers…. I like to hike a little and warm up a bit before I eat in the morning but this was a big day. Completing the CDT in New Mexico, 650 miles in 40 days.. Wow.

Time to celebrate.


As we were approaching the state line, there were Wagon Wheel and Alex…. Amazing. They were two hours ahead of us yesterday and the only humans we have seen in five days.. We started at the border of Mexico 40 days ago and we are going to cross into Colorado together. We took some pictures and hiked on.


The route we took had a small section along the narrow gauge railroad to Cumbres Pass. We all Choo Chooed along. I checked the GPS and we were a half mile away. Fifteen  minutes later I checked it again and we were walking away from the pass. What’s up?. The tracks were winding up the pass. Sourdough and A and W were ahead so I turned around and cross countryed up to the pass.


Shortly we all made it and started hitching into Chama. John picked us up and promptly took us to the Box Car Cafe for the daily special, Fish and Chips…..

Alice, Andy’s mom came to be our town trail angel. Well that’s our story. She drove us to the River Bend Lodge where we cleaned up and did the town thing. Eat, Shower, Laundry, Resupply, Eat, Rest. W made Mexican dinner for us and Ice Cream for desert.

Hikers : Sourdough, Wagon Wheel, Raven, First Man, Andy, Birddog, Grits and #2.  and of course Alice our Trail Angel

Chama, New Mexico   6 Miles

But really Colorado

Saw a Coyote or Wolf.

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