15-05-22 Day 41 Chama – Mark Trail CDT


15-05-22     Day 41.     Chama – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015


Bacon and Fried Eggs with Coffee.
What a way to start off the day. Sourdough had made his exit plan to ride the 3:00 pm bus to Santa Fe to see some friends, then fly out to visit family before returning to Alaska. We were planing the next section of the trail.

As we were coming down to Chama from the pass I was busy trying to find a way to get some hiking boots in two days. My Walmart Ozark Hikers were having problems from the daily grind. This was a big problem.  I ordered capilene long underwear from Backcountry that wasn’t at the PO. I called customer service and Jacob Wilbanks answered. ” No worries, we can overnight the order. Is there anything else I can help you with?”. “Well actually yes there is….”. At three o’clock my Keen Voyageur boots and Patagonia capilene underwear was delivered to The River Bend Lodge. Thanks Jacob and Backcountry! Great customer service!


Alice, Andy’s mom, was the best trail angel, driving us all over town doing our errands. Thank You so much Alice.



We made spaghetti dinner and eight of us crammed into one cabin for a cozy night.

River Bend Lodge.   0 miles.

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