15-05-17.    Day 36.      Going up!   –  Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015


Hiking day so I was up early to pack the food for the next five days, Mail the cards, and take a refreshing HOT shower.

All packed up, we went to “The Last Breakfast” having the feeling of wanting to get back to hiking and at the same time knowing we will have memories and the sound of Bluegrass dancing in our heads for a long time.


We started out gradually and climbed from 6,500ft  to 9,300 ft with the tempeture dropping. As we hiked you could look to the east and see the snow capped mountains… Humm. Then when we turned a corner, you could see north and yup, you guessed it…. SNOW….  it was here and there with an occasional drift. The roads and meadows were wet and muddy. After hauling five days of food and two liters of water I was ready to camp at 7:30 pm.


FR724   16.5 Miles

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