15-05-16.    Day 35.    Bluegrass Camp – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail
Mark Trail CDT 2015


Ghost Ranch

Breakfast isn’t till 7:30 am so it’s a good reason to sleep in and rest our bodies. The breakfast was eggs, hash browns, and oatmeal. I passed on the oatmeal and loaded up. Even after two meals, I could feel my body bouncing back from the pressure of the daily mileage.


20150517_090511   I worked at uploading the blog and writing some Georgia Okeeffe post cards, going through the food for the next five days to Chama. Wow, soon we will be in Colorado.

As I walked the campus of Ghost Ranch, I imagined what a special place it is. Rich in South West history.


Grits and Birddog

Hikers at the Ranch are: Sourdough, Alex, Wagon Wheel, First Man, Hanatizer, Andy, Birddog, Grits, She-ra, and #2. A real hiker hangout. Hikers Ahead are Ltd Dan, Lion King, and Frenchy? Not to sure of any of that info.

Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese and Cole slaw with Watermelon for desert…  Yum.


The students of the Bluegrass Camp practiced all week for the Saturday Night Grass Band Hoopla. We were entertained as each group played a few songs. Then the Teachers got together and let loose. It was perfect timing for an amazing evening of Bluegrass Music… Wonderful Talent.

Ghost Ranch.   0 Miles.

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