15-05-18.    Day 37.    Choices – Mark Trail CDT

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

After having a restless night I knew I had messed up. Everything was covered with frost. The top of my sleeping bag was wet and the sides frozen. I thought I was under enough tree canopy, but I was wrong.  Another lesson.


Sourdough and I started at 5:45 am. The mud was caking and I wasn’t going to complain since the last time we ended up wading in snow melt for two miles.  I started to hike cross country and as usual headed in the wrong direction. Eventually I got back on the “Trail”. Well….. actually there were a lot of options. Old Trail, New Trail, Red Trail, Purple Trail. Cross Country, Purple Dotted Trail. A wonderful dirt road trail appeared and I checked the GPS and it was the trail… GREAT.. No more mud. Fifteen minutes later I checked the GPS again………um…ah…On the Purple route that ended with a mile of cross country hiking… Snow, Blow Downs, Up hills and Down hills.  I started to question my ability to navigate until I saw two Bud Light cans. I was assured I knew I was getting close. Back on the Red Route, Alex and Wagon Wheel showed up just in time for breakfast.. Already a fun packed day. We worked our way north. Cross country, red and purple routes. Wagon Wheel started the don’t care walk and walked through the puddles and small streams. We dogged the puddles and rocked hopped the streams but eventually my boots were soaked. Late in the day we crossed the Tres Piedras Rio by log that was the excitement for the day. The sun was setting and the drops of rain began to fall….



Saddle Below  Deer Park Tank  23.3 Miles

Saw eight Elk

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