15-05-10      Day 29.     This is it!

The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015

I slept great under my tarp for the first time in a long while. It was cold but not enough to freeze my water or sleeping bag.



I was on the trail at 6:00 am to clear skys. We  dropped down to 6,100 ft to the Arroyo Chico wash. Water was running as this was the second river we have crossed on our way north. Well it wasn’t a river. Maybe two feet wide… We had “30 miles” of “NO” water and already there was water in just a few miles. I was already loaded with three and a half liters so the water really wasn’t needed. It’s been cool so maybe the three liters will last.

We then climbed 300 ft to Mesa San Louis where we could see back where we climbed down the day before. We crossed the  Los Cerro Colorados where we saw all kinds of sandstone formations. We weaved in and out, up and down amazing scenery. This is what it is all about. Days like these make it all worth it. We stopped at several old windmills looking for water and settled on a water tank full of cows. The water made me gag… But I needed it. I ran it through a coffee filter and my Sawyer filter. Then treated it with aqua mira. Hopefully it will keep me from getting what Phil got.

Since we weren’t hiking a road, the pace was slow but we worked hard and I was exhausted. Alex and W had finished  dinner as we arrived and hiked on. At 8:00 pm as the sun was setting we found a spot off the trail to sleep for the night….

Along the Mesa San Luis  20 Miles

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