15-05-09.    Day 28.    It’s Snailing!

Hiking The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015



Back to our old schedule.  Up at 5:00 am, hiking at 5:30 am. We watched the sunrise at 6:17 am. By 6:30, it was hailing. Sourdough and I caught up to Wagon Wheel and Alex at 7:20 and stopped for breakfast. By the time the water was boiling, it was snailing.. (snowing and hailing). We packed up and hiked till 9:30 for second breakfast. Again it started to snailing. There was a spring where we needed to get water but it was a half a mile off trail. When we got there, W and Alex had already loaded up on water for us….. So Nice.


We found a spot out of the wind for lunch and thankfully no Snow. We were at 8,500 ft crossing a high mesa. At the end we could see the whole valley as we began to decend. We dropped to the valley floor where it began to rain…… And hail. I guess that would be railing.. What a day.



We arrived at the Ojo Frio Spring at 6:00 pm. As we were making dinner…… You guessed it…. It began to rain. We called it a day and set up camp. Sourdough,  Wagon Wheel, Alex and I.

Ojo Frio Spring.  21 Miles

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