15-05-08.   Day 27     Phil

Hiking  The Continental Divide Trail

Mark Trail CDT 2015


I was frozen. Alex came over to see the sunrise. I stayed in my sleeping bag waiting for Sourdough and Phil to climb to the top. They showed up a little past 7:00 am as I was packing up. The wind was blowing cold. My hands were so cold, I had problems stuffing my pack.


When I caught up to Sourdough and Phil, Phil was still sick from the day before..  After all the blisters now this. After a few miles he decided to turn around and go back to Grants to see a Dr.. He is the toughest man I know. I would have stopped after the second blister. He had so many blisters and new ones every day. He bought new boots in Grants and seemed to help. Now this….

A truck came up the road and we told him about Phil. Hopefully he picked him up.


We hiked till 6:30 pm and found a place out of the wind to cook and camp. I needed some sleep.

1 Mi. Past Ranger Water Tank. 20.4 Miles

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